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At CashflowExperts we help business owners get access to funding that is truly separate from their personal report. Our valuable business credit comes in the form of fixed rate, fixed term loans made to the name of your business, unsecured lines of credit with check writing privileges up to your full business limit and small business credit cards that can be used anywhere. We even can offer help getting more vendor credit.

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How to Realistically Estimate Your Startup Costs
March 8th, 2011

As the old saying goes, “you need to spend money to make money,” and it’s completely true when starting a business. Before your business even opens its doors you’ll need to be spending money in order to make it to that first sale. Getting things started on the right foot is important for business success and business funding expert Thomas Kish can help with his Cash Flow Experts program.


What are start up costs?

Every business from brick-and-mortar retail stores to Internet-based consulting firms will have a set of start up costs. There are 3 major types of start up costs when starting a business: expenses, assets, and financing.

The start up costs for your “expenses” include the daily items necessary to run the base of your business. When starting a business you’ll need to know the equipment, materials, facilities, and employees necessary for running your daily operations. At the stage of starting a business, expenses will also include developing advertising materials such as logos, and establishing outside contacts such as having a legal resource on board.

Start up “assets” are also important when starting a business as they become your safety net for those rocky first few months. Most businesses do not turn a profit right away, and your estimation of start up costs should take into consideration that you’ll need a financial cushion to keep your inventory up and operations running until you can reach your break even point.

When starting a business your start up costs will also include financing as a major part of your initial business plan. Experts like Thomas Kish can help you determine just how much financing you’ll need to get your business running. The Cash Flow Experts program puts hundreds of lenders in your hands so you can find the financing that will allow you to meet your start up costs and get your business running.


Estimating Your Start Up Expenses When Starting a Business

One of the worst things you can do when starting a business is low-ball the amount of start up expenses you’ll need to get things running. Your bakery won’t be doing any business if you didn’t estimate enough financing to afford the purchase of your ovens and ingredients. Part of estimating your start up expenses when starting a business will begin in your business plan.

Your business plan should have a detailed listing of the expenses you expect to incur when purchasing initial goods and infrastructure to run your daily operations. It should also have a realistic estimate on the amount of assets necessary to have on hand while your business grows to viability. The other critical part of your business plan is your financing plan, which is best assessed with the help of the Cash Flow Experts program and financing expert Thomas Kish.

When you utilize a business financing program like Thomas Kish and the Cash Flow Experts system you won’t need to worry about not having enough funding options to pursue. With hundreds of unsecured lines of credit and fixed rate, fixed term loans to choose from, Thomas Kish can help find the business funding that’s right for meeting your start up expenses.


What to Expect When Starting a Business

Don’t expect that you’ll be in the black as soon as you open your doors. Starting a business generally comes with some initial losses as you develop your methods, adjust prices and operations, and learn from your mistakes. Especially for new business owners, starting a business can be a scary and frustrating task without the right attitude and help.

For years Thomas Kish has helped numerous types of businesses get the financial support they need with his Cash Flow Experts system. With a solid financial platform to build from, your business can grow to viability without as much stress and hassle as business owners who go it alone.

Business funding can protect your own personal credit and keep the two separate, saving your own financial future while allowing your business credit to grow independently from your own credit. You do NOT need good personal credit to realize your business credit potential – and Thomas Kish’s Cash Flow Experts can help!


How Thomas Kish’s Cash Flow Experts System Can Help

Business leaders in-the-know use Thomas Kish’s proven system to learn how to create a separate business identity and secure the “no guarantee” business lines of credit they need to grow their enterprises, despite what their personal credit report may say!

As an author, teacher, business consultant and an active investor operating 25 diverse businesses, I fully understand the importance of developing a business line of credit and it’s something that I can share with you! My trademarked program gives you the tips and tricks you need to learn how to acquire unsecured lines of business credit and business funding to get your dreams off the ground! Order this FREE software to get started today or call 877-622-7439.


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