Now, for the first time ever offered in a simple and affordable system, you can use the power of our business funding and the extra income generated by any business activity to become a Lifestyle Millionaire!

This easy system can be accessed from any desk top computer to crack open a vault filled with thousands of dollars of cash based business funding which can be used in hundreds of ways that create extra passive income profits.

If you are truly interested in increasing your income, starting a new business or improving the performance of your existing business or investments, then our program is perfect for you.

Most wealth is generated from business ownership and investments. But it takes capital (money) to become successful and profitable.

The kind of access to business capital, through our business funding sources, is the key problem we help solve.

Business income is so powerful because by definition it only requires effort to get started and then it continues to produce profits for years to come with very little additional effort needed. (this is how most investing works to create wealth)

You can now download this world’s first desk top software that not only allows you to follow the key steps to gather funding but also shows you how it can be used to harness passive income from investments like traditional businesses, real estate, trading in the financial markets or creating new online types of business.

This method of receiving funding and investing it in sound ideas has historically proven to be a winning formula for generating income and quickly creating the lifestyle millionaire success that people want even before they have accumulated a lot of money in the bank.

Up to $200,000 in business credit is waiting for You!

If you want access to cash based business funding that is truly separated from you personally (and is available even if you have bad credit) you should call us today for a consultation or at least grab a complimentary copy of our online Business Credit Software and informative video on exactly what steps are needed to quickly build large amounts of business credit that can be used for any purpose.

Just enter your main email address in the box to the right and click submit to instantly receive full access to our custom software, video training and everything you need to know about how to get the business credit you want.


We offer Free business credit forecasting software to help anyone understand how to use our business credit in the most profitable ways.

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We offer a full service that can actually go out and get money for your business. We build your business credit so that it is total separate from your personal credit report..

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Our business credit comes in the form of fixed rate, fixed term loans made to your business, unsecured lines of credit with check writing privileges up to your full business limit and small business cards to use anywhere. More info...


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